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PGDM in Media & Communication Management


Allow your career to soar to new heights with a PGDM!

The PGDM in Media and Communication approved by AICTE is a comprehensive course in the field of Media Management and encompasses learning’s toward various sectors of the media industry including television, print, digital media, radio, films, live events, sports, out of home, and music. The course is structured to deliver trained masters in the field of media & communication.


This program is akin to any MBA in Media Management program and is designed to prepare students in the managerial aspects of media and communication with technical as well as practical knowledge of all the domains involved in this field. The program focuses on learning the nuances of the media & advertising industry and all its latest updates


The program delves into the detailed knowledge of each field and teaches about the correlation that exists between content creation and associated media business. It also makes a point on inculcating fundamental core management concepts and principles in the course duration.

The DGMC Media Program offers two main specializations


1. Advertising & Branding
2. Media & Entertainment
3. Sports Marketing & Management

Intake open for 60


Program Objective

  • To provide a conceptual understanding of general management principles and their practical application in the field of media, entertainment, and advertising.
  • To develop managerial skills in the media and communication industry.
  • To provide crucial knowledge and skills in the media & entertainment and advertising & communication industry.
  • To understand the consumption of media in rural as well as urban sectors.
  • To understand the global media perspective and ways of management.
  • To provide the necessary knowledge, skills, and capabilities in the functional and operational areas in media for greater efficiency and effectiveness.
  • To inculcate the right attitude, beliefs, and values within the students to develop them with the right perspective and get them ready for future challenges.
  • To make students ready for their career in the demanding media and advertising industry.
  • To develop social consciousness among all the students.


  • Concept: The fundamentals related to media and management is covered.
  • Application: Through projects and assignments in the areas of Media and Communications with the use of Technology also to make employable ready.
  • Learning’s: The focus at DGMC is not only on academic Content but also on “Complete Students” i.e., academic and academic plus which includes activities that would develop a student with a sense of responsibility and sensitize them towards being responsible citizens to serve society.


Employability Readiness program (MEAM):

Employability skills or “soft skills” can broadly be defined as a set of skills or competencies that helps one get an employment and then keep, a job.

The PGDM students undergo a rigorous Employability Readiness Program, where their behaviour’s, attitudes, beliefs, and unique personal qualities are harnessed which enable them to set and achieve goals.


Counseling: We talk to individual student to understand his/her career aspiration. A survey form captures data from individual student.


Initial Training: Provide training in aptitude, communication and Interview skills. Conduct an assessment to understand each student’s Employability Readiness.

The training approach is to develop work readiness and give detailed understanding of the sector-specific skills. The training commences from trimester II and is continued till trimester V which covers areas like – Interviewing Skills, Personal Skills, Language Skills, Advance Excel Training, Mathematical Reasoning, Personality Development, Mock Interview, Group Discussion, Negotiation Skills, Team Building Exercise & Stress Management.

The outcome of the Program shall enable students to adapt to the prospective employer’s work culture and cultivate an attitude of learning on the job as well as be resilient and patient to understand and absorb oneself in the organization. To compliment the above the students will also be given workshops in the employability readiness Program.


Guest Lecture Series (Saturday series):
Guest lectures have become an important part of the educational experience for students. They expose students to real-world life experiences from the position of someone who has been there. It helps students build a connection with the real world. Students get to see the insight and perspective of the guest speaker’s particular field.

The PGDM students at DGMC have guest series as a part of the daily time table which are generally scheduled on every Saturday.


Know your interest area:
90 days Internship: The 1st year of the PGDM Students, after the completion of Trimester –III examinations will have to proceed for a 90 days Internship program. The 90 days internship is divided into 30 days of internship with an NGO “Non Profit Organization” and the 60 days are with Industry. The Mentors from the institute shall be guiding the students in selecting the NGO & Industry. The outcome of such a program for internship is to ensure that the students are sensitized towards society and their problems and the industry exposure helps them to get a better understanding of the career opportunities as well as their own readiness to be absorbed as prospective employees in the industry and their knowledge on practical applicability of the subject. Also it facilitates the students to understand and narrow down their areas of interest and hence it eases the choice of specialization subjects for the next academic year for them.


Capstone project with Internship:
The value addition which the corporate India looks at every step is the Institute attempting to prepare- The media leaders of tomorrow and DGMC lives by the same credo. Apart from the mandated courses that we cover, we prepare our students for their role in corporate India through a series of innovation interventions.

The media and communication sector require professionals who understand production as well as know how to work at the spreadsheets – managerial talent who can plan and execute. Media careers are shaped by the experience our students get by working hand in hand with industry professionals. The Capstone Project is a combination of both, internship as well as an industry immersion project with the opportunity to integrate and apply previous learning (academic and field) through the creation and implementation of a project independently or with the organization that they work in, to demonstrate the knowledge and skills that they have acquired during their PGDM program.

This Project is an applied project carried out under the guidance of the mentor, implemented either independently or within the organization where the student works. Students work with their academic mentor and industry mentor to develop, implement and present a feasible Capstone Project. It is designed to meet the learning needs and interests of the students, as well as contribute to the organization where the student works/interns. The Capstone Project may build upon previous coursework that is applied to the organization and/or may build upon a project already initiated at the organization.

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