Mr. Sahil Malik is a distinguished VFX and Multimedia Editor with over 7 years of extensive experience in both academia and industry. He has collaborated with leading VFX companies, including Industrial Light & Magic (ILM), DNEG, Prime Focus, and Prana Studios, contributing to high-profile projects such as *Planet of the Apes*, *Transformers*, and *Jurassic World*.


Mr. Malik’s expertise encompasses a broad range of multimedia disciplines, including VFX compositing, FX and simulations, computer media, motion graphics, and concept design. Throughout his teaching career, he has been dedicated to educating and mentoring undergraduate and postgraduate students in VFX and multimedia production. His pedagogical approach seamlessly integrates theoretical foundations with practical applications, ensuring students are well-equipped to meet real-world demands.


With a steadfast commitment to both education and professional practice, Mr. Sahil Malik continues to influence the VFX and multimedia landscape, inspiring and developing the next generation of industry leaders.